Organizing A Small Pantry With Deep Shelves | Before & After

Happy Sunday, I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent Friday night organizing a small pantry with deep shelves and the kitchen, so I couldn’t wait any longer to reveal how I organized it. The pantry has deep shelves, and I will be sharing the steps and tips I took to organize it. First, let’s start with some before pictures!


Organizing a small pantry with deep shelves
Organizing a small pantry

As you can see above, the pantry just had items thrown into it and was not organized at all. The kitchen is pretty small and counter space is very limited so I wanted to create more counter space and have a storage system where everything has a designated spot. So, here is the after!


How to organize a small pantry with deep shelves
Lazy Susans for a pantry with deep shelves
Baskets are great for organizing a small pantry

If you have a similar small kitchen with a cabinet style pantry and think that you are stuck with a cluttered kitchen, then I am here to tell you that this is achievable! Follow my Instagram stories @sincerelysayra for more detailed videos of how I achieved the organization of this small pantry and kitchen. 

How to Organize a Small pantry with Deep Shelves

Organizing a small pantry with deep shelves can be a challenge, so here are my tips to create a functional space that you can use and enjoy!

Containers are Great for Deep Pantry Shelves

It can be helpful to store items inside a container instead of bags or unusual shaped boxes. Clears stackable containers are great to store items such as pastas, flour, & sugar. Long containers are more suitable for cookies or snacks. Finding the right container for your goods is key! This container set from Walmart under $20 is a great starting point!

Baskets are Everything When Working with Deep Pantries!

Baskets are very important when it comes to organizing. Baskets are great to group things together and provide a designated area to your items. I used baskets to group condiments, chips, snacks, bread and even veggies! These stackable wire baskets are amazing and only $10!

Shelf Risers Can Add Space to Deep Pantry Shelves

When trying to make more space out of deep shelves, risers are the perfect item to provide more space! Not only do they provide more storage space, but it is also easier to see things in the back. I used this for can organization!

Lazy Susans Provide Accessibility to Items Used More Often

Lazy Susans or turn tables are my favorite for items that are used on a daily basis such as spices, oils, & vinegars. This bamboo turntable I used is so cute and very affordable!

Steps to Organize a Small Pantry with Deep Shelves

Once you have all the items needed to organize your pantry, you can get started with the actual process. Below are the steps I took to organize this small pantry:

  1. Take EVERYTHING out: It is very important to take every single thing out of your pantry so that you can assess which items need to be kept or thrown out based on expiration dates and usage. 
  2. Clean the pantry: Once you have decided which items you’re keeping, you can wipe down the shelves to have a clean start!
  3. Group similar items together in baskets: Before putting items back in the pantry, try to get an idea of which items you will store together. For example with my mom’s pantry, I used a drawer for bread and breakfast items and another drawer for all crackers and snacks. This will help you decide where to put things when they go back into the pantry.
  4. Pour items into containers: If you’ve decided to use containers, you can dump your pastas, cereals, flour, etc into their designated containers.
  5. Place items back into the pantry: Now that everything is in containers and baskets, you can place them back into the pantry. Put things that are used often towards the front in more accessible areas. Anything heavy or breakable should be out of reach from kids. And voila, you should now have an organized pantry!

Once you have your pantry organized, it will be easier to stay organized. The key is to have a place for everything and to keep everything in its place! 

Below are all the organization items I used. They are all from Walmart and very affordable! 

Please let me know in the comments below if this was helpful to you or any suggestions for future organizational posts! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sincerelysayra to see the full process!

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