Toddler Gift Guide

Good Morning and happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing my top picks for toddler gifts. When I buy toys for Alex (my 18 month old boy), I tend to go for developmental toys. I like educational toys that will teach him something but will also be fun. Below is the toddler gift guide that includes various developmental toy options for your kiddos!

Toddler Gift Guide

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Toddler Gift Guide Details

  1. Rainbow Counting Bears:This will be great for learning numbers, colors, shapes, and sorting! It is on my wishlist for Alex this holiday season!
  2. VTECH Drill Toolbox: This is not the traditional educational toy, but it will help develop their motor skills and teach them about tools as well. Alex loves daddy’s tools so it will be fun to get him his own set!
  3. Fisher Price Rock-A-Stack: This one is a great way to help develop their creative thinking skills as they have to think about how to sort them from biggest to smallest. Also, this is the giant version set which will make it so much more enjoyable for them!
  4. Shapes Wood Puzzles: This wooden animal puzzle will help your littles learn about shapes, colors, and animal sounds. These puzzles are so cute, fun and only $10!
  5. The very hungry Caterpiller: Books are a great gift for any kid in general. We read to Alex every night and are always on the hunt for great books, this one is a classic!
  6. Let’s Play House Set: If your toddler loves to “help” clean the house this wooden cleaning tool set will be perfect for them!
  7. Sesame Street On The Go Letters: Alex loves watching Elmo, so I got him this Sesame Street alphabet case. It’s perfect for our family road trips because of the case it comes with!
  8. Love You Forever: Here is another great book to gift! It is a classic and very heartwarming.
  9. Dino’s Alphabet Book: This alphabet book was gifted to Alex and he absolutely loves it! Your little ones will learn letters and words through a story or musical play. This will definitely help with those reading skills!
  10. Lego Alphabet Truck: This one will help improve their fine motor skills, become familiar with the letters of the alphabet, and soon learn to spell basic words like F-U-N!

I hope this toddler gift guide was helpful! Please comment below if you are shopping for any toddlers this year and what your favorite gift option from this guide was.

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Happy holiday shopping!

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